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This movie released on 10 August 2012 Plot Mrityunjay aka Munna (Akshay Kumar) is an aspiring singer who works as a chauffeur for billionaire Champak Biswal (Mithun Chakraborty) to pay for his expensive car. During a concert Munna sings a song, he is stopped by Champak and his team. This gives Munna an idea to come up with a band. With his bandmates Ram, Siddharth and Chakkar, Munna plans to sing at Champak's birthday party and earn the latter's respect. All goes well, but Munna gets tangled up with an old girlfriend named Ratna (Paresh Rawal). Ram and Siddharth find out about this, but Munna doesn't know who the girl is. In order to get to Ratna he agrees to marry her. Munna goes to his village with his family and finds that Ratna lives there, so they get married. Munna then comes back to the city and tries to attend more concerts but fails. During a concert Munna's car gets attacked, and Munna manages to break into the home of the attackers and rescue the girls. That night, while celebrating Champak's birthday, Munna's band plays a song, which is a song composed by Champak. This starts a competition between Munna and Champak's band. Munna and his band soon become very popular. Champak asks him to sing at his party, Munna and his band are all set to perform, but when Munna hears about Ratna he decides to ditch his band and walk out. Ratna witnesses this and tells Munna's wife who is expecting a baby. Munna agrees to go back to the city and visit his band members and gets them to perform at Champak's party. However, Munna still wants to perform a song for the audience. At a club Munna learns that Champak has taken him for a ride, so he decides to kidnap Champak and his money. Munna later releases Champak and asks for his money back. Champak and his team say they will give him back his money but they want Munna to do one favor for them. They need a really beautiful girl to sing at their next party. In the end, Champak's team manages to hire Ratna. Ratna sings her first song at Champak's birthday party. Later Champak's team and Munna go for a team

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